New Release! LittleBird in Forest

New release
Animesh birds have come to the HPMD forest! I am so happy to finally show you them :))

Contents and Land Impact
HPMD* LittleBird in Forest - Contents and Land Impact
The product includes several animesh birds and static birds. The animesh birds have some animation types but you can’t resize them. The static birds don’t play animations but modifiable and you can resize them.
You can check the product details on the Flickr page below, (see the description area)

HUD details
HPMD* LittleBird in Forest - HUD details
Two types of the HUD are included. The left one in the picture below is for the wearable animesh bird named LittleBird in Forest[Shoulder]. You can change the bird’s color, chirp sound and a few options of the bird and avatar’s animations.
The two on the right are the HUD for the bird on land, page1 and 2. With this HUD, you can do settings of the animesh birds named LittleBird in Forest[Land] and the non-animesh birds named LittleBird in Forest[Static]. You can switch pages by the tab.

Bird’s animations
The second half of the video explains a bit about how to use the HUD.

Available at the HPMD Main store:

Have a happymood!<3