Glowing Plant



Product status
Release date 26 February 2022
Latest version There is no update
Status On sale
Place Inworld store
Product details


Bulk control Yes (by object dialog)


-Glowing Plant: 11 types / 1-3 LI each
-Glowing Plant(low LOD): 11 types / 1 LI each

►This product does not include a HUD, but you can change multiple trees in the sim at a time. First select the area from the tree’s dialog menu [AreaOfEffect]. Then return to the top page and select an option you would like. For details, please see the [AreaOfEffect] section below.

►The shapes of the low LOD versions are more easy to collapse when the camera is released than the normal version, but the land impact is lower instead.


You can select an area(radius) where you change the dialog options at a time. The center point of the area is the object which you are currently opening the dialog.
After selecting an area, press the [Back] button and return to the top page without closing the dialog, and change each setting. If you close the dialog or leave the dialog open without any operations for two minutes, the area will be reset to [One].

You can change the color.

In this page, you can turn on/off the light blink animation. Also, you can change the glow level of the light part.

Left-click…In this mode, you can open the dialog(default) with LEFT-clicking on the tree.
Right-click… In this mode, you can open the dialog with RIGHT-clicking on the product and selecting “♣TOUCH” from the menu.

This option can merge all duplicate scripts of the linked objects into one script from the [Merge] button below. Also you can do it from a dialog that appears automatically when you do linking. It helps to reduce the sim’s lag caused by scripts.

Note1: Please note that if you link different colors together and do Merge, when you change the color from the dialog, all of the linked objects will be the same color.
Note2: If no object is linked, nothing will happen.

You can delete a script of the product. If you set an area, the scripts of all the copies in the area is deleted.
*Even if you delete the script, the light blink animation will not stop at that time. But if you shift-copy it, the copy’s animation will stop.


Please note these points to run the script successfully.
1) Please do not change the object name and description before deleting script completely.
2) You can link copies of this product to each other, but if you link other products, the script may not work correctly. If you need to link other products, please delete the script before linking.

The script of this product was made by Achamo Paine. Thank you so much for your great work Achamo!<33